Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Potty Rewards

As part of our potty training incentive plan, Addison gets two "cookies" (teddy grahams) when she asks to sit on the potty, regardless of if she does anything, and gets a sticker to adorn her potty when she DOES go potty.  It seems to be working quite well, at least in the evening... during the day she usually seems to forget the potty exists, but when she's downstairs in the evening, she frequently lets us know she's about to "go" and has had several successes in recent days.  The problem with this is, she's an extremely intelligent little girl, and she is learning to work the system.

In the last couple days, I've noticed while we're downstairs that she'll ask for a cookie, and when I say no, she waits a few minutes and then indicates that she'd like to "go potty."  These particular instances usually yield nothing, except that Addison gets what she wants-- "twooooo cookies."  This morning, after we finished taking our shower and while she's still walking around in a pull-up and her bathrobe, she came into my room and proclaimed "POTTYYYYY!!"  I asked her if she needed to go and she said yes, so we walked to the bathroom. 

On our walk to the bathroom, she began her list of demands... "potty, twooooo cookies, twooooooo stick.... (stickers)" in a tone that sounded like a mother giving chores to her child.  I couldn't help but laugh-- she got her two cookies, but as it was a "dry run", she never did get her "stick."