Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Serious Moments

(Yesterday, Addison walked into my room after I had pulled out my lamp and fan in order to get into the attic... was done in the attic but hadn't moved the furniture back.)

Addison: (shocked) Mommy, err yite. An' err fan! (your light! and your fan!)

Me: Yeah, I moved them for a minute. I'll put them back.

Addison: (crosses arms over chest, very seriously) Mommy... what happing? (happened)

(This morning, as I'm getting her dressed to go to Poppy's house)

Addison: I give Poppy a biiiiiiiiiig hug.

Me: That's good, you should give Poppy big hugs. And kisses, too!

Addison: (somber) Mommy... err dun mits me. (you're going to miss me.)

Me: Yes, I will miss you!

Addison: Err not mits me now!

Me: No, I don't miss you yet, but I will miss you when you leave!

Addison: (somber) Mommy... er dun mits me. A yot. (a lot.)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Prayer

Addison prayed for the first time last night at dinner.

We were all sitting at the table... Mom, Addison, myself, and Addison's new toy, "Animal" (It's a tarsier, but since she can't say that, she calls it "animal.") We have a usual prayer that we say, "God thank you for ______, in Jesus name, Amen." Simple enough that we hoped she'd eventually learn it. Well, Mom started with "God thank you for these hot dogs, in Jesus name, Amen." I followed with "God thank you for the cheese, in Jesus name, Amen." Then Addison, who usually just pipes up with "Amen" paused, and said "God tank oo fer.... God... tank oo fer animal." She smiled really big, obviously proud of herself, and we praised her efforts probably more than she expected. How cute is she?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hopefully posting regularly once more

I quit my job. Hurray! I hated that job, hate that I have to go in for 5 more nights, but as of 7:00 a.m., August 9, 2009 I will officially be an ex-employee of Walmart. Could write a book about my experiences there, but would probably get sued by the company. Hmm...

Anyway, my hope is that I can start updating my blog again. I'm also hoping to start working on writing some of my "memoirs" so to speak... not really to be published or with any hope that they would be, just so that someday I'll have a written record of some of my fantastic memories.

Fun words/phrases Addison is saying these days:

"wa-choo tink err dooning?" (what-chu think you're doing?)

"dog hogs" (hot dogs)

"patter-pitter" (caterpillar)

"is for my baby nose. Not err BIG nose!" (regarding her sunglasses)