Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Serious Moments

(Yesterday, Addison walked into my room after I had pulled out my lamp and fan in order to get into the attic... was done in the attic but hadn't moved the furniture back.)

Addison: (shocked) Mommy, err yite. An' err fan! (your light! and your fan!)

Me: Yeah, I moved them for a minute. I'll put them back.

Addison: (crosses arms over chest, very seriously) Mommy... what happing? (happened)

(This morning, as I'm getting her dressed to go to Poppy's house)

Addison: I give Poppy a biiiiiiiiiig hug.

Me: That's good, you should give Poppy big hugs. And kisses, too!

Addison: (somber) Mommy... err dun mits me. (you're going to miss me.)

Me: Yes, I will miss you!

Addison: Err not mits me now!

Me: No, I don't miss you yet, but I will miss you when you leave!

Addison: (somber) Mommy... er dun mits me. A yot. (a lot.)

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