Monday, June 28, 2010

My Nook!

Ok, so I realize that my next blog should be all about Owen's arrival, how things have been going since his birth, etc. etc.... the problem is, Owen was born. Which sounds like a mean thing to say (how can it be a problem????) (which it's really not) (just in this context...) but the thing is, a blog entry about all that will be quite lengthy, and I just don't have the time at the moment. What with taking care of an infant and all that.

What I DO have a few fleeting moments to blog about is how excited I am to have a Nook! For an avid reader like myself, this is the perfect invention... Although I will still buy actual books now and again (I'm a sucker for Jen Lancaster and Stephen King in hardcover) I now have the option to read endless numbers of books without having to be wait-listed at the library or find room for hundreds of additional books, considering I already don't have room for the hundreds I currently own. Also, books are cheaper on Nook, so I'll be spending less money.

PLUS I can read one-handed-- no more page turning! This will come in handy while eating lunch for instance, or while nursing Owen... Thus increasing the amount of time I have in a day to read! (which was previously a big fat "none.")

While I'm still in the "I'm-excited-and-want-to-buy-a-lot-of-books" phase, I've asked Dan to give me a "Nook allowance"... so every two weeks, when he gets paid, I'll have a certain amount of money with which I can buy books. Am excited!! Will be spending the next two weeks reading the new books I've downloaded (yay!) and working on a list of books to download in the future (yay!!!!)

The Nook has MADE my summer. The possibilities are endless....

(and maybe Dan will read now! Considering it's technically not considered "reading a book" since it's electronic...)