Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grocery Grumbles

So I went to the grocery store today to pick up milk, baby cereal, yobaby yogurt, and graduates puffs for Addison... it was raining, so I slung on the hip hammock and plopped her in it so that I could carry her under the umbrella without straining my already strained back.

I walk into the store, carrying Addison and my purse, and grab a basket to carry the groceries. I got everything together and went through the u-scan lane, hoping to get in and out with no problems.

If you know me, you will know that "no problems" is not what happened.

Instead, my coupons will not scan (they were good coupons-- deciding to not use them was not an option). So I'm standing in the u-scan lane with my register light blinking red, waiting for someone to come help me... I ended up standing there, holding my 25-lb. toddler, my purse, and an umbrella for about 5 minutes until someone decides to come over.

If you know me, you will also know that things do not get less irritating.

The lady who came over to help me has the nerve to act like I'M the one making HER life difficult. I'm trying to buy groceries with a legitimate coupon with my legitimate MONEY, and I'M inconveniencing HER?? Newsflash, lady-- YOU WORK HERE.


Moral of the story-- if you're buying groceries with coupons and you're carrying a heavy, squirming, grumpy toddler in a hip hammock slung over your shoulder, do not go through the u-scan-- it will not be faster.

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