Friday, September 26, 2008

A New Beginning

So I've decided to scrap my old blog and start fresh... It felt right, as I am no longer "Losing It In Mass." I am "Contentedly Existing in Mass for Now", which isn't as catchy a title. I'll be sticking with "The Church Bulletin" (as my last name is Church... clever, yes?) unless it becomes too confusing for people (I am a Church, I am not blogging for a church...)

Addison is up to her old tricks... she flew about 4 feet across our bedroom today to go head-first into our bed frame. For those of you catching up, this is not the first time she has done this. This is, however, the worst. The sound of her head hitting the metal was so loud, I immediately went into a panic, before she even started screaming. I picked her up immediately, held her close, and walked her out into the living room... when I finally got a look at her face, I realized how terrible it really was. When Dan saw it, he turned white. She had what looked like a huge dent right above her right eye, and it was already purple. There were spots under the skin where she had obviously broken some blood vessels, and it just overall looked really frightening. We almost took her to the hospital, but when she started settling down, Dan was able to do some quick diagnostic-type tests and we decided to just see how things went. Her mood improved and she went mostly back to normal, although you could tell she probably had a massive headache... but she wasn't stumbling, disoriented, spacey, etc., not appearing nauseous or vomiting, pupil response to light was normal, so we decided just to see how she is tomorrow. In other news, she cut one molar, is working on a second molar, and is rarely seen without fingers or toys in her mouth.

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