Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Nerd Gene

My husband is a nerd. I, myself, am more than a little dorky from time to time. And then, there's Addison.
Dan and I were watching TV as Addison was self-entertaining in her play area just outside of the kitchen. We were chatting with one another when I felt Addison's presence at my right leg, and heard a strange sound: "mmum. mmummmummmuummmm."
I thought "hurray! Addison is finally referring to me as "Mom" instead of addressing me with an annoyed-sounding "ih." I look down adoringly at my daughter, only to discover that she was not addressing me at all. The sound was really just the only sound Addison could make while holding a pinwheel sideways in her mouth.
I'm so proud...

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Crystal said...

Cute picture! And don't worry, mum will come soon I'm sure. :)