Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Tiny Picasso

One day last week, Dan and I went to Ninety Nine's restaurant for dinner, at which point Addison is given, and falls in love with, a green crayon (she has no shortage of crayons at home-- not sure what it was about this particular green crayon.) We let her keep the crayon as we left the restaurant, and Dan carried her out to the car. We dropped Dan off at school and, as he kissed her goodbye, he joked "Don't draw on the walls when you get home!"

Addison and I got home and I had to immediately run to the bathroom, having consumed multiple glasses of diet soda. I gave no thought to the crayon, not only because Addison never colors on ANYTHING, but also because Addie usually drops whatever she's holding when she comes in the house, seduced by the toys she has left all over the living room.
I finished using the bathroom and came out, only to discover that for the very first time, my little princess decided to rebel. She had scribbled all over the wall right outside the bathroom I had been using. Being of Miller/Rundle descent, the first thing I did was grab a camera (we like to document occasional disobedience, injury, embarrassments, etc... it's in our blood.) Being Addison, she posed proudly beside her artwork for every shot. I magic-erasered the crayon off the wall and put her to bed... I felt that yelling at her would be a waste of time, as she wouldn't understand what she had done wrong, and would only understand that she did something she felt was really wonderful and I yelled at her for it. (To quote my cousin Amy, who is now 18 but was probably about 5 at the time of the quote, "sometimes princesses color on walls.")
When Dan returned, I broke the news of our princess's little rebellion, and he revealed that she had taken her artwork to another canvas-- his white coat. I immediately treated it with Shout and threw it in the wash, as he had to wear the coat the next day to school. Luckily, it came out with no problem.
In unrelated news, when dressing Addison this morning, I found the most unusual print on her leg-- I'm not sure how she had to have been positioned for this to have happened. (**note-- the color levels of the pictures have been slightly altered to accent the pattern on her leg, but the photo content itself was not altered.) What a special girl!

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