Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Developments

So I thought it'd be fun to have my first post in a long time be an update with new developments in our lives.... 

Dan:  Has begun his surgical rotation at St. Vincent's hospital in Massachusetts.  Is exhilarated by what he is doing and really enjoying it so far, despite mandatory 24 hour shifts every 4 days.  

Jemma: Not really doing anything of note.  Has begun exercising daily, and is up to jogging for 15 minutes at a time, which is an improvement of her initial 0 minutes.

Addison:  Is test-driving her big girl bed tonight (!!).  Has discovered that her fingers get pruny in the bath/shower.  Is obsessed with owies-- not only on her body and other people's bodies, but also any scratch, crack, etc. in or on furniture, toys, paint....  I could go on.  Has gone from calling her blankie "beee" to calling it "bingie" which Mommy sees as an improvement.  Calls Poppy "Boppy" (which she also uses for "potty"... luckily Poppy is a good sport), calls Pappy "bah-bah" (for "Pap-Pap", to differentiate from Poppy and potty... she had been lumping all three into "boppy").... still has not settled on a name for Grandma.  Has tried out "Gomer", "Go-mah", and "Der-mer", but does not appear satisfied with those.

UPDATE 2/5/09: Addison has upgraded Grandma's name to "Hubber."  Still not sure where these names are coming from.

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