Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fashion-Forward Toddler

What is this picture of, you ask?

This is my 21 month old this morning, still in her jammies, wearing her winter hat and rearranging her furniture while watching TV.

This is also, sadly, not an uncommon sight these days.  Little Miss "I HATE HATS" of 3 months ago now wants to wear her hat indoors, outdoors, and every second she can.  I have to fight her to take her hat off when we get home, and I have to struggle to get her out of her jammies and into "real" clothes in the morning.  Often, I give up and just let her wear the hat-
and-jammies combo for an hour or so in the morning, hoping to appease the monster within.

I'm hoping this phase will carry through to summer, though, because little girls, in summer hats... CUTE.

Prior to this, the only hat Addison would wear on a regular basis was a purple dress-up hat with ribbons on it, which she at one point decided looked even better on her Great Grandma:


Mom said...

I'm glad she didn't have time to say "cheese!"

Mom said...

I keep going back to this picture. She almost looks a little annoyed that you've interrupted her!