Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No Hat, No Sleeves... No Cooperation

I figured I'd retell this story on my blog, as it was a hit retelling it to my family....

I took Addison to the mall yesterday to burn off some of her energy.  We walked around for awhile, largely guided by her every whim-- I only had a couple destinations in mind, and those were brief, so I just let her take us where she wanted us to go.  This took us to the Children's Place, where she stumbled upon an adorable pink hat with blue flowers that she ABSOLUTELY had to have... it was very loud-looking, considering she was also wearing a bright magenta velour track-suit at the time.  The clerk also gave her two stickers, which she placed upon her cheeks, proving that if you are 21 months old, you can never over-accessorize.  As we made our way to the mall exit, I reminded Addison that we had to put on her coat which, as it was mild outside, was a puffy vest instead of a winter coat.  This is how that conversation went:

Addison:  ha?  haaaaah? (translation: hat?)

Me:  I can put your hat on you (extends hands to put hat on Addison's head.)

Addison: NO!! NO-WAH-HA!!! (t: no!  no want hat!)

Me: Ok, fine!  You don't have to wear your hat. (puts hat down.)

Addison:  ha?  haaaah? (t: same as above)

Me:  Would you like me to put your hat on you?

Addison: NO!  NO HA!! (no! no hat!)

Me: Ok then! (puts hat down, picks up vest) But we have to put your coat on so we can go get in the car.

Addison: Ah-doh-wa-coh. (t: I don't want coat)

Me:  But you have to wear a coat!  It's not even really a coat, see?  It has no sleeves!

Addison: Ah-doh-wa-seevs (t: I don't want sleeves).

Me:  It doesn't have sleeves!  (Finally manages to get Addison to put on the coat)

In case you couldn't tell, Addison has entered a new phase of speech-- she is learning to speak in sentences.  Unfortunately for all of us, her first and favorite sentence-beginning phrase happens to be "I don't want."  This morning, when I went in to get her out of bed, she thumped her chest and said "joooo?" (thumping her chest is her way of communicating that her tummy is empty, and "joo" is juice (or milk, etc.))  I took her to the kitchen, where she loudly exclaimed "AH DOH WA EEEATTT!"  before polishing off her entire bowl of cereal and then a fruity-cheerio snack.

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Ruth said...

Hi Jemma, I like your blog. I did a double take on the name...catchy! Kids always give us so much good material, don't they!